Monday, June 1, 2009

Kiasu Bot V.2 - Mu Online Season 4, AutoPick, AutoBuff, AutoAttack, ClearInv etc

OMG. I wasn't posting for almost 2 years. I see that I have some nice comments on our blog... I also recently came back to MU online since it's hosted by webzen again. Yea, game seems to be more interesting now and more harder - that's what we, cheaters like the most :)

Ok let's talk about cheating. I would like to introduce quite new, actual, modyfied to MU Online season 4 free bot: Kiasu Bot V.2.

Main functions of this bot are :

- Auto Attack
- Auto Pick
- Auto Buff
- Clear Inventory
- Save Mana Mode
- Auto Repair
- Auto Party
- Auto Macro
- Auto Request Off
- Agility Elf Mode

I know that all of old school bots had problems with energy elf auto buff. In Kiasu Bot v.2 all is fixed, so elfs can again buff all party and keep hisself alive.

Kiasu is quite good bot... I like it and I use it lasttime the most. I'm trying to play a little bit legit on webzen servers ... so Kiasu gave me nice start :)

Here you can download this bot :
Kiasu Bot V.2

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pipen Bots Agility Elf, Dark Knight, Dark Wizards and combo bot.

Author of this bot is another hacker from Poland. He has written a bot set for all class. Bots are written in AutoIT script language similar to Realski Autobot and other bots like this.

Pipen's bots are very good, easy to use begginer boots. They don't detects bots, just are used to simple AFK on mu. Bots are small and stable, so I advice to use it for the beginers.

There are available demo versions of this bot. They will be in our download section.

Realski Autoall Bot

Autoall is one of the most popular pay bots for mu online game. Autoall Mu Online Bot has two authors. I know both of them for some years. People who bought and use this bot usulally know only the one of them Realski, that's why this bot is called Realski Autoall.

Autoall is a muonline bot written in AutoIT script language. It has many good features such as Autorepot, Auto Attack monsters, Auto combo and others.

The main problem of this bot is that, that this is bot. It don't inject tcp packets to the servers. It just read pixels from the screen and reacts by clicking mouse on specyfied pixels. AutoIT can not handle large scripts like Autoall, so every single more day of developing this software is one day more to the end of this project.
Realski rewrites Autoall to the Delphi language, so there is a little light on the tunell, that new version will be more stable.

I decompiled one of the versions of Autoall and I saw that code is not written clearly. However Realski autoall is still the best working bot on globalmuonline.

In Realski you can find :
- Autorepot
- Autoattack monsters for each class
- Guard Health
- Back to spot after death

And others.

Speed Hack by Ziomal v. 0.8

Speed hack is one of the oldest cheats working on mu online. But it has one good thing: It's free for use for all and seems to be working forever. Speedhack by Ziomal is good thing for the begginers in cheating on mu online. First step for people who don't want to pay for good cheats such as Lodi Cheatmaster or Realski Autoall. Speed hack is working on mu online private servers as well.

Speedhack is mostly used by mu online Dark Knights useing Twisting Slash skill. In one circle of Twisting slash it send multiple attacks, even without mana it works quite good.

Ok, How it works:
It attack faster with no skill or useing twisting slash on dark knights.

Can not see other players.
Disconnects, disconnects, disconnects.

Cheat Master 2.0

Cheat master 2.0 is currently one of the best cheats working on global mu online servers. The one think I would like to tell at first is that I know developer well and I was testing Cheat Master from the early version 0.XX . In the beginning I have to tell that new release of Cheat Master 2.0 is a mile step from old version. As all we know K2 ( webzen ), blocked no skill packets which were the main tool of all working Autokills on mu online. Old Autokills killed monsters ( and players ) by sending multipple noskill attack packets one the wide area with very high hitcount. K2 thought that they will block hack forever but... hello :) we have new cheat release from young man from Poland. We have Cheatmaster 2.0 :)

Lodi ( the author of the Cheat Master series ) has an idea to make multiple attacks by sending skill packets, which aren't currently blocked. The best think is that skill packets can not be blocked ever, because Agility Elfs couldn't shot their arrows anymore :) so I think this cheat is quite stable and K2 / Webzen can not do anything with that on this struckture od mu online main program.

The bad thing is that , that we are useing mana durring attacks, so cheat is working well with high energy characters... but Lodi in new version of cheat master gave us new , very useful tool. Fu**ing Autorepot! Character when his mana finishes, go buy some pots for you. This is f**cking awesome!

OK! So what we've got in version 2.0:

- MUONLINE Game Guard Bypass
Cheat Master can kill the game guard ! That's the only one cheat that can do this.

- Auto Repot
Buying mana.

- Working Autokill
Very fast killing monsters on the wide area. AFK possible

- Teleport
You can tele from one coordds to another. You can also click on minimap to teleport on specyfied poing on map :)

- Anti Disconnect
It detects when server sends disconnect, and reconnects without closing client.

- Advanced Packet editor
You can sebd your own packets to server.

- Back to spot
When you die, you can set back to spot.

- Escape from the spot on player sight
When you see the other player comming, teleport to the specyfied coords.

- AutoPickup
Pickup items from wide area. You can set pickup only jewels, exc ... etc.

And many more...

Ok so what is bad in cheat master 2.0 ?

- The first think is that friends are not working.
- Second Cheat master can crash after many hours of play. In many I mean 20h+.
- Third Use alot of mana, but with pendant +mana, that's not annoying. My mg doesn't even buy mana.
- If I find more bugs I'll write it here.

I think cheat master is worth its price. Here you have some you tube videos about it.